New garden bench

3 years ago I made a bench from a bunch of pallet slats. Quite a few of them started rotting, it started falling apart and it was time to build a new one.

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Christmas trees

Recently while browsing Pinterest, I came across wooden christmas trees.
It seemed like a great idea and a good way to get rid of some scraps.

20161005_132131This plywood, was a leftover, from making a mailbox for my neighbour. I cut it diagonal and made the sides equal.


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Shelves for our (my wifes) hobby room

My wife wanted some shelves in the hobby room.
After some thinking, I decided with a modern floating design.
Something that had been done before, by many, Ikea being one of them.
Anyway, here’s how I made them.

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Parasol base

My wife and I couldn’t find a parasol base we liked.

It’s too hot to sit in the sun, so this has to do till we find a good one, or I make a decent one.


All scraps and firewood put to good use.