Closet to hide all our fireplace utensils.

I think this project must have started somewhere in spring. As always projects take longer then I imagine them to take.

It all started out with a sheet of 9mm MDF. A whole lot of firewood, cut into small pieces. These got glued and stapled to the piece of MDF, roughly in the shape of the door, but slightly bigger










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Halloween ghosts

These ghosts have been in my shed for almost one year.
Last year when I was making them, I got kidney stones and wasn’t able to finish them in time.
As halloween is around the corner, it’s their time to shine.

Made from scraps of wood and leftover paint.


My wife followed a ceramics course, around 2002-2003.
There she made 3 ceramic sunflowers. After all those years she cleaned out her old projects. The sunflowers where to nice to trow away.

I decide to hang them in our hallway and paint some stems and leaves on the wall.

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Parasol base

My wife and I couldn’t find a parasol base we liked.

It’s too hot to sit in the sun, so this has to do till we find a good one, or I make a decent one.


All scraps and firewood put to good use.